The connection

Visual art is everywhere, from logos, to Instagram posts, to landscaping we see around the Georgia Tech campus. Art impacts our lives daily, yet we don’t realize how much we are immersed in art, and how it impacts our everyday lives. The photograph on your wall of your loved ones, the blanket on your bed with the pattern or color that made you buy it. Not all art is purely for looking; sometimes serving a functional purpose over an aesthetic one. All in all, we feel happy, we feel comfortable, we feel almost conditioned to the art around us.


When art is challenged, that’s when we start to notice. When we see things that maybe shouldn’t be together in the same frame, we are intrigued - we stare longer. This is just what the artists of the New York School set out to do. The New York School wanted to “display a visual sensibility in their work…[and] they share[d] an attachment to visual art as the leading medium of the avant-garde in the 20th century” (Diggory 26).


Visual art is an umbrella term for a board and ever expanding category of art that includes several different mediums and techniques. Visual art has hence been broken down into multiple subcategories that better encapsulate each discipline. These definitions of visual art usually encompass the following (Encyclopedia of Art Education):


Fine Arts:​

This is the general category of visual art including activities such as: painting, drawing, sketching, sculpture, graphic art, book illustrations, calligraphy, and architecture.

Contemporary Arts:

This category includes a number of more modern techniques seen in several New York School poets and artists: collage, assembly, mixed-media, conceptual art, performance art, films, photography, video art, animation, and even graffiti art.  


Decorative Arts and Crafts:

This category is more focused on decorative arts including: mosaics, mobiles, tapestry, stained glass and other glass art, and ceramics/studio pottery.



This category is denoted as a catch-all for other mediums and new and emerging mediums. This includes: graphic design, fashion design, interior design, body art, tattoo art, face painting, and body painting.


For this project, we’ll explore the visual art and the effects of it for the New York School members Joe Brainard, Ted Berrigan, and Alice Notley.